PhD Researchers

Shuting Zhang

Projects & Grants:
Mental Health, Migration and the Megacity, £650,000 approx. ESRC Newton Fund

Chapter writing: The Transformation of Migrant Workers Policy under The New Social Situation. Sichuan Renmin Press, Chengdu, 2016

Jin Huang, Shuting Zhang. The investigation of the relationship between the capital and citizenization of new-generation rural migrant workers. Journal of Social Development (first issue) (2014).

Study on the effect of contemporary social transformation on the social cohesion. Study on Party and Government(2011)

Shuting Zhang. A discussion on the model innovation of social management organization in the settlement of nomadic pastoralists. Journal of Chengdu Electromechanical College (2011).

Shuting Zhang. An analysis on the citizenization of new-generation migrant workers based on social policy theory. Knowledge Economy (2011)

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