M3 Brocher Foundation Workshop

M3 meeting at the Brocher Foundation, Hermance, Switzerland, January 24/25, 2018

This workshop springs from a three year ESRC/Newton/FAPESP funded project on Mental Health, Migration and the Mega-City (M3), shared between Global Health and Social Medicine, King’s College London, Cambridge University, Cardiff University, Fudan University School of Public Health, Shanghai, and Sao Paulo University Medical School. The workshop focus will be on new data, ideas and discussions arising from the project’s work in Shanghai and Sao Paulo, and elsewhere, on what specific aspects of migrant life in contemporary mega-cities are either producing or exacerbating the production of urban mental illness what insights might be gained from sociology, urban studies, epidemiology, psychiatry and neurobiology, to understand how ordinary lives on migrant streets can sometimes generate the forms of distress that we recognise as mental disorder what policy developments must be prioritised to secure and improve mental health of migrants in contemporary megacities.

The program can be downloaded here.